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BOAT SECURITY ALARMS When enjoying a vacation, the last thing anyone wants is to have their vacation come to an end because of being a victim of theft. Protecting valuable possessions are vital no matter how sentimental it is. Protecting a boat is no different, with the Marine Guard Security System. If gives piece of mind knowing that the vessel will be ready to go when it’s time to hit the dock. Marine Guard Security Systems are reliable, weather resistant and are designed to detect and ward off theft, and other problems such as high-water. Marine Guard Deck Sensors are mounted underneath the boat so it is hidden from plain sight. In this situation the boat will not be altered in any way that’s visible to the public. The Deck Sensors detect the weight of a person walking on the deck, and it will never be a false alarm from birds or boat movement. Any environmental factors will not encumber like it will with other varying types of security sensors. All components are weather-resistant to protect it from rain, salt water, wind and extreme temperatures Loud audible scare-away siren deters intruders from remaining on your boat once the alarm system has been triggered. Option: You may have the lights on your boat turn on when you disarm your security system so you will board a lit boat. You can also connect your lights into your security system so that, if your security system triggers, the lights will flash creating an even greater deterrent to theft. MARINE GUARD SECURITY SYSTEMS             Designed for boards UNDER 40 feet  Designed for boards OVER 40 feet Items Included In The System Security control panel White siren Two (2) key-chain transmitters Status LED’s Chime mounted on a wall switch plate One (1) large contact One (1) small contact
Boat Security Alarms
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Boat Security Alarm Systems  MG-58C - Including 4 Deck Sensors
Boat Security Alarm Systems MG-54C - Including 2 Deck Sensors